#InThe90sIThought is the hottest thing on Twitter right now

Totally Awesome Facts About '90s Fads

A new hashtag is trending on Twitter, bringing a wave of nostalgic memories for those of us that were around and old enough to think during the '90s.

#InThe90sIThought was created by the genius of @BreezyPuffs and is now populating the twittersphere with a mix of memorable pop culture flashbacks and musings people had about what the future would hold.

So let's dive into what we thought the '90s were all about with the best that the Internet has to offer us!

1 - Forget iPods, wireless speakers, and music streaming -- this was the real deal:

2 - We need them back!!!

3 - Before text messages were cool

4 - These guys actually nailed it

5 - This is how we were learning our parenting skills

6 - Designers are cringing

7 - Real romance

8 - Womp womp...

9 - The Internet still had much to work on

10 - We didn't need touch-screen technology to make a phone call

But maybe in the end the '90s were just the '80s all over again

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