Cronut creator takes dip into soft serve business

Dominique Ansel
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Cronut creator takes dip into soft serve business
burrata soft serve w/ balsamic caramel, micro basil, and strawberry confit. #dominiqueanselkitchen #🍦
Burrata ice cream with balsamic caramel, micro-basil and confit strawberry & gianduja ice cream with a salted-hazelnut brittle, orange mist, and sea salt 🍦 (cc: @amyjoy_h @sarahayang #DominiqueAnselKitchen #SWIRL #NYC #EEEEEATS )
Today's work #chalk #rajivchalkboards #softserve @dominiqueansel
Soft Serve burrata with balsamic caramel, micro basil and strawberry confit and gianduja with hezelnut brittle, orange spritz and sea salt! #dominiqueanselkitchen #westvillage #NewYork #nyc #Manhattan
#rajivchalkboards #softserve
Keeping up with Ansel. @dominiqueansel #DominiqueAnselKitchen #burrataicecream #balsamicreduction #microbasil and a chocolate strawberry at the bottom of my #crepecone #superb #nyc #myhangoutspot @cronutgirl #newplace #anseldiditagain #cronut
It seemed appropriate to get one of each. The #burrata #softserve was worth the 30 minute wait #gianduja #icecream #dominiqueanselkitchen #summerinthecity #eeeeats
@dominiqueansel's new #burrata #icecream at the #DominiqueAnselKitchen with balsamic caramel & micro-basil is delicious! New on The Pin the Map Project, I write about this #NYC #treat that's a must-have this #summer! #food #NYEats #dessert #NewYorkCity #foodporn #foodanddrink #foodpics #foodie #foodstagram #nyceats #girleatworld #wanderlust #instatravel #travelgram #travel #puravidabracelets
Burrata Soft Serve... balsamic caramel, microbasil, confit strawberry in a chocolate lined cone!🍦 @ben_con_migo #NewAddiction #BurrataIceCream #DominiqueAnselKitchen
New space of Unlimited Possibilities (U.P.), located above Dominique Ansel Kitchen in the West Village.

Imagine a world where Mister Softee and Dairy Queen served cheese-flavored ice cream. That could soon become a reality if Dominique Ansel's track record is any indicator.

The Cronut creator is back with another potential game changing dessert. This time, instead of exploring new territories while others shamelessly follow his lead (looking at you, Dunkin' Donuts), Chef Dominique decided to experiment within the soft serve ice cream realm.

But if you know anything about Ansel's bakeries, it should not surprise you that there is a twist.

Two flavors debuted last weekend at the new Dominique Ansel Kitchen in the Manhattan. The first is a gianduja, sweet hazelnut that is spritzed with an orange mist and sprinkled with sea salt and hazelnut brittle. Chef Dominique told that the inspiration for this flavor came from his own childhood.

"Growing up, I loved chocolate and hazelnut, so I wanted to make a really fun flavor for the kids too," he said.

The second flavor, however, is more perplexing to the no-toppings-vanilla-lover. It is a burrata cheese soft serve with a balsamic caramel, micro basil and a confit strawberry surprise inside the cone.

"I wanted to make a new alternative to vanilla that was really creamy and less sweet," the chef explained.

Both options are served in a house-made honey tuile cookie cone that is buttery and lightly sweet.

Ansel said that for the recipes themselves, his team "worked on a good 6 different batches for the burrata. The gianduja came a bit easier and was about half the amount of time."

The idea for a soft serve window began with the leasing of the new West Village location and a little Dutch door perfect for an ice cream counter.

The soft serve window is open Friday – Sunday from 12 p.m. - 9 p.m.

If you are lucky enough to find yourself in line, then don't forget to gaze in wonder at the chalkboard menu, not because of all the deliciousness, but because it was written by "Mean Girl's" Kevin G. actor, who happens to be an extremely talented calligrapher in real life.

So, what can we expect next from chocolate chip cookie milk shot creator?

"Yes, we've been working on new flavors to come every month or so. There's going to be some excitement in the flavors, but don't expect bacon in your soft serve ice cream," he told "I believe in simplicity -- there's a really nice ice cream on our regular kitchen menu where we use a whole vanilla bean. Often times with soft serve, it comes in just a powdered mix, but we really want to make sure we use quality ingredients and flavors for our soft serve."

The chef and his kitchen team are also gearing up for the launch of their first international bakery in Tokyo on June 20th. A month later, on July 17th, Chef Dominique will go back to his fine dining plated dessert roots with an after-hours 8-course tasting experience hidden above Dominique Ansel Kitchen. The new area will aptly be called Unlimited Possibility (U.P.), which is the only way his career is heading.
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