Boeing shrinks toilet area to add 14 more seats

Boeing Shrinks Toilet Area to Add 14 More Seats

Boeing just announced plans to make their bathrooms smaller so they can fit more seats on the plane! So if you're claustrophobic, you might want to hold it. Boeing is shrinking the toilet area on the 777-300ER models to make them more marketable to airlines who will want extra seats on the plane, but passengers, would probably rather the extra leg room.

Boeing says they'll be able to cram 14 extra seats on the triple seven with the tiny toilet model. It's all part of a plan to make the planes lighter. Another way Boeing will lighten the plane by 12-hundred pounds is to restructure the overhead storage bin area.

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Boeing shrinks toilet area to add 14 more seats
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The new design with mini toilets will be shown at the Paris Air Show later this month, and the upgrades should be ready next year in time for the first deliveries of the new triple sevens.

According to Boeing's website, triple seven models typically seat 386 people in a three cabin layout, but with a shrunken toilet, they'll be able to get 400 people in seats.

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