Woman baffled after finding over 100 lawn gnomes on her front walk

Viral Photos: Who Left 100 Gnomes In This Woman's Front Yard?

A British woman took to Facebook to try and solve a mystery that developed overnight outside her home -- who left 100 garden gnomes (107 to be exact) on her front walk and why?

HuffPost UK reports that Marcela Telehaničová made the discovery, and we can't exactly share the reaction she had on her Facebook. (Here's a hint: The 'F' word was involved, and not because she thought it was funny.) After the initial shock, she seemed amused, writing, ""I don't know who has done this, but I want to thank them for giving me the best laugh ever."

Facebook, Marcela Telehanicova

Marcela told the Plymouth Herald that the figures were made of plastic and wood. She eventually called the police, saying, "Look, if somebody says they've got 100 gnomes missing and they're in my front garden, I'm the one who's going to get questioned."

Though it sounds like a prank call, she was taken seriously. The police actually canvassed the area, checking with garden stores and other residents and neighbors. Nobody reported any stolen lawn ornaments.

In a statement, Devon and Cornwall Police said:"This is currently being treated as found property so we are appealing for anyone who has noticed gnomes missing from their garden to get in touch as we would like to reunite them with their rightful owners."

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