Von Miller wants to be a chicken farmer

Von Miller: Let's Talk Farts and Chicken

We all have dreams of what we can become when we grow up. Most young boys want to be an athlete, an astronaut or a fireman. Denver Broncos outside linebacker Von Miller accomplished that goal, reaching the NFL and becoming an elite player. However, Miller have dreams that extend well beyond the football field. The man wants to become a chicken farmer, per Yahoo.

"I love chickens. I went to school for it...I [have] chicken tattoos. I eat chicken everyday"

In all fairness to Miller, he wasn't just giving some answer to draw attention to himself. Miller really does have a genuine love for chickens, something he talked to USA Today about back in 2013.

"I really wanted to get to the fundamentals, getting back to raising chicks," Miller said in 2013. "I raised chicks in college in class and stuff. Now it's a project for me to do it on my own, and see where I go with it. I'm pretty excited about it."

Considering Miller is one of the best players in the NFL and is only 26 years old, the chicken farm will probably be on the backburner for the next decade or so. Miller has amassed 49 sacks over his first four seasons, including 14 last year after tearing his ACL in Week 16 of the 2013 season.

Currently, Miller has 40-50 chickens living on his property, something the linebacker sees as the beginning of a beautiful thing.

"That's what Miller Farms is, it's very humble beginnings right now. It's very small and intimate but I plan on taking it to a whole other level and I'm excited about the opportunity to be able to do that and relationships I can build with all the chicken farms across the world."

If the chickens are anything like opposing quarterbacks, they will have a tough time escaping Miller.

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Von Miller wants to be a chicken farmer
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