These apps are sucking up your battery and data

These Apps Are Sucking Up Your Battery and Data
These Apps Are Sucking Up Your Battery and Data

Eye Opener TV -- You know what sucks?! Apps eating up your data, battery, and memory on your phone. Literally, there's stuff sucking the life out of our smart phones, that a lot of us don't even think about.

The technology security company AVG put out a report that reveals the biggest data, memory, and battery hogging apps for Android users.

What's on the top of the list? Facebook!

It starts up as soon as you turn on your phone, it runs in the background, and has the highest impact on your device. Not to mention, Facebook support apps like Messenger and Facebook Pages Manager are doing the same thing, just not as much.

When it comes to things that you actually have to turn on to use, Spotify is the biggest drain on your phone, followed by Kindle.

So all of you who listen to music while reading a book on your phone, your battery is gonna go down just as fast as your data charges go up!

Other offenders include Instagram, Snapchat, Netflix, Tumblr, and Vine.

It should be noted that the Weather and Clock Widget on Android devices was a big battery sucker as well.

If your phone is primary source of information and social interaction, it can't hurt to get the unlimited data plan. There's only so much free wifi out there.

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