Orangutan and human mother share special moment

Baby Sloth And Baby Human BFFs Will Melt Your Heart

Humans and animals have always had a special connection, whether we're melting over adorable animal pics or connecting face-to-face.

A mother took her baby to the zoo, and the pair shared an inexplicable moment with an orangutan. As the mother stood by the glass with her swaddled baby in tow, the orangutan pressed his nose against the glass to get a closer look.

With only a few inches and a glass pane separating the orangutan from the human mother, the two shared a truly special moment. Orangutans are known for being particularly protective and doting as mothers, holding their babies close to them until the babies are up to 10 years old.

It turns out we have more in common than we thought when it comes to these precious animals. Even after the orangutan babies become independent, they are known for coming back to visit their mothers until they eventually have children of their own.

Check out the full video footage below:

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