Octopus carries coconut across ocean floor

Octopus Walks Along Ocean Floor Carrying Coconut

An octopus can be pretty resourceful -- just check out this one carrying a coconut across the ocean floor.

It's barely bigger than the coconut and it's using some of its tentacles to hold onto the coconut while using the others to move about. It's a special kind of octopus, called, not surprisingly, the "coconut octopus."

The creatures are small and have a habit of using coconuts and shells to protect themselves. Some might say the octopus is using the coconut as a tool, but scientists and marine biologists debate the use of that term. Marine biologist James Wood told National Geographic that, "if you're going to say [the coconut-carrying octopus is] tool use, then anything that carries or uses another object for protection would then be using tools," he says. "You have to draw the line somewhere."

Octopus carries coconut across ocean floor
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Octopus carries coconut across ocean floor

This footage was taken by a diver off Indonesia where they creatures are commonly seen. National Geographic explains: "Scientists have known about this behavior for a while, but it was first filmed in 2009 in North Sulawesi, Indonesia, by a team of biologists from Museum Victoria in Melbourne, Australia. (Related: "'Bizarre' Octopuses Carry Coconuts as Instant Shelters.")"

One of the researchers that studied this behavior said that it was so unexpected, he couldn't help but crack up. Dr. Julian Finn from Australia's Museum Victoria, told BBC News: "I almost drowned laughing when I saw this the first time."

The diver reports also seeing some octopi jump from the sand into their shells or coconut halves when they were threatened.

Check out the full video to see the octopus trek along and then hop inside its new coconut home:

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