Decoded: What GOAT means and how to use it

There are goats you find roaming grass fields and then there's the "GOAT."

GOAT, which stands for "Greatest Of All Time," is the ultimate compliment of all compliments. While the acronym can be applied to describe any person, place or thing, it is most commonly used to define a professional athlete who has excelled and set the standard to strive for in his or her sport. For example, Michael Jordan -- who has amassed six NBA championships, a record six Finals MVP awards and 10 single-season scoring titles -- is easily defined as the GOAT. If you find your name put in the same sentence as this term, you know you've really made it.

But remember, "GOAT" is a title only used for those deserving of its greatness. If they cannot be compared to the likes of Michael Jordan, Willie Mays or Wayne Gretzky – they are simply imposters.

Here are some ways people have used the term on social media:
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