Another Aaron Hernandez letter from prison has surfaced

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After being found guilty of first-degree murder earlier this year, former NFL player Aaron Hernandez will likely spend the rest of his days in prison. He's currently awaiting an appeal, but from the sound of his tone, he seems to be doing okay.

Another hand-written letter has surfaced, courtesy of TMZ, apparently written in response to a fan offering support. In it, Hernandez keeps a generally upbeat tone, and even throws in a smiley face and an "LOL" for good measure.

Here's the letter in its entirety, tweaked for grammar. Check out the full image at TMZ:

Thank you for the letters, they mean a lot. Your support really means a lot; it isn't overlooked. I'm sorry I couldn't respond sooner but I do receive numerous letters daily! You reaching out is very nice of you and put a smile on my face. I needed to respond to thank you for your support.

I am doing well and will always, we have so much to be thankful for in life, even when we naturally focus on the negatives. But there are many ways we are all blessed and should all wake up with smiles daily!

I hope all is well with you and all your loved ones and every day brings happiness and health to all of you. Thanks again for your support and concern about me.

P.S. You should have asked, I would have accepted, but don't regret it, everything happens for a reason ;) lol.

TMZ says the P.S. portion of the note is referring to the sender wanting to visit Hernandez in jail, but reconsidering.

Hernandez probably won't ever been a free man again. But even after proven guilty, his fans are still showing support, and he's thankful.

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