Twitter reacts to #WWDC15

What To Expect At Apple's WWDC

Monday finally brought Apple's long awaited Worldwide Developers Conference, its annual gathering where the tech giant unveils detailed looks at new software, products, services and features. The event opened with endless rumors—most notably surrounding a new music streaming service and Apple TV updates.

Thanks to the company's notorious secrecy surrounding new products, WWDC is always one of the year's hugest tech events. As such, the Internet never fails to provide chatter and reaction. Here's how the event played out, through tweets.

Before the event even began, predictions and speculation ran rampant.

Press members set the scene with photos, including ones of their super-Appley credentials.

The newest version of OS X's name was revealed. It's weird.

Of course, there are new features to OS X. They were received with mixed reviews.

Next, iOS, of course!

Apple is still getting more and more involved with the world of ecommerce.

You can now consume news on News! It's a little bit of a rip-off of Flipboard.

The iPad got some updates, too. They went over very well!

Developers may have received the best news Apple has ever given them.

Apple Watch has been available for six weeks. WatchOS 2 is already announced.

Then... The moment everyone has been waiting for.

That does it! Another monumental day for Apple, and the Internet surely let us know about it.
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