Human technology provides prosthetic limbs for pets

Rottweiler Learns To Walk With Four Prosthetic Limbs
Goody the pit bull has had a rough go at life.

An abusive owner had amputated her legs, forcing her to drag herself around by her forepaws.

Thankfully Amy Felts, a dog trainer, adopted Goody Two Shoes and worked to rehabilitate the pup both mentally and physically. Despite her best efforts, it seemed like Goody would always struggle to move.

That was until OrthoPets came into the picture. They fitted Goody with a pair of prosthetic legs that will allow her to walk, run and play like any normal dog.

The process started by getting casts of Goody's legs from his local veterinarian. The team then scanned the molds to create a 3-D model. The digital representation helped them to sculpt and shape the legs to assure the best fit. After perfecting the 3-D model, they sent it to the carver, which carved the leg shape from polyurethane foam leg; the basis of the prosthetic.

Goody's vet, Douglas Strammel, then strapped the legs on the dog and she was able to walk naturally!

"Amazing... truly amazing, she's, she's a good dog and what's she doing, I was not expecting this," Strammel said. "I was hoping we would get them on, I was going to be thrilled if she would stand, and she's standing there without issues going, 'OK mom, let's walk.' She's a trooper."

Look who's walkin'!

Posted by Amy Felts on Tuesday, May 12, 2015

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