Blowdrying your hair just got way easier

How to Master the DIY Blowdry With Peter Butler

Blowdrying your hair at home is hard work. Properly blowdrying your hair at home, however, is even harder — it takes serious coordination, arm strength, and a hell of a lot of patience. But, for those of us without the ability to afford weekly salon appointments, befriending the dryer is a necessary evil: We wake up a little earlier, grab our brushes and our leave-in conditioners, and pray for a good hair day.

Luckily, celebrity hairstylist Peter Butler wants to take the guesswork out of your morning routine. Butler is well-known for the beautiful, voluminous looks he styles — just ask Kate Upton, one of his loyal clients. Here, watch as he schools an R29 staffer on how to get a salon-quality blowdry at home. First, Butler shows her how he does it. Then, he challenges her to do the same. (Spoiler alert: She gives him a total run for his money.)

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