5 easy workout moves that will make you stronger

Sculpt Sexy Legs in 5 Minutes!
Sculpt Sexy Legs in 5 Minutes!

NYMag -- There's nothing wrong with working out for reasons of vanity, like trying to get the elusive "Dancer V" or a perkier butt. But sometimes it's easy to forget about movements that really make you stronger. The Cut worked with Natalie Uhling, NBC Radius Sports Master Trainer, to create a five-move workout that will help you become stronger all over. Take a cue from Britney and be "stronger than yesterday." (Metallic chair not required for this set of moves.) Do 15 reps for three sets.

Move 1: Borrow a move from ballerinas and try the plié. Turn your feet out three-quarters. Imagine squeezing an imaginary beach ball between your thighs as you bend your knees. (What is a beach ball doing there? Never mind, just envision it anyway — it helps engage the outer and inner thighs.) Pivot to change plié direction.

Move 2: To do the reverse V, start with your hands behind your back, pushing into a bridge. Press through the triceps into a reverse V and pike, engaging your abs and core muscles to hold.

Move 3: As a modification of the chaturanga, a yoga pose, start with a push-up and move into a plank. Push forward using your feet. This move works your triceps and abs.

Move 4: Try the wide diamond reach, moving from push-up into a plank. As a stability move, raise one arm and then the other.

Move 5: Uhling calls this move the "shoot and pass." Use your core muscles to move into a high-plank V and then "shoot and pass," pivoting from one direction to the other.

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