5 body language mistakes that can hurt you at work

5 Body Language Mistakes That Can Hurt You at Work
5 Body Language Mistakes That Can Hurt You at Work

You might be great at doing your job, but your body language could indicate otherwise.

KTLA had a little bit of fun with a study, noting that a psychologist came up with this list of mannerisms you may want to avoid at work. That psychologist is Dr. Travis Bradberry. In his blog post for LinkedIn, he notes that, "what follows are the 15 most common body language blunders that people make, and emotionally intelligent people are careful to avoid." (Check out the article for all 15.)

First on the list? Inappropriate eye contact. Apparently, too much eye contact can be interpreted as rude, hostile or condescending.

Next, slouching came under fire. Slouching at your desk or at a meeting is physically bad for you, but it can also convey disrespect.

You've probably heard this one before -- and we doubt it would get you canned -- but a weak handshake can indicate that you lack confidence or authority.

Exaggerated gestures were also listed as no-nos. Wild gesticulations may seem like a good way to convey excitement, but apparently they make you seem like you are a chaotic person.

Last but not least is crossing your arms. That posture may feel innocent to you, but to others it can make you see defensive, or like you have a closed mind.

Are there any postures that totally bug you at work? Share your thoughts in the comments (and sit up straight while you're at it!).

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