VIDEO: CC Sabathia goes bananas on umpire, gets ejected

The Yankees Re-Create Iconic 'Sandlot' Scene


It'd been nine years since CC Sabathia was ejected from a big league game. That was until Sunday afternoon. Time to restart the clock.

After disagreeing with a few balls-and-strikes calls earlier in the inning, Sababthia lit into home plate ump Dan Bellino at the conclusion of the sixth as he stomped back to the dugout. After a few choice words and some dramatics, big CC was tossed, as was manager Joe Girardi, who flipped out even more.

He pitched well to that point, and was likely coming out soon anyway, up around 90 pitches through six innings. He wasn't around to see the end of it, but the Yankees won 6-2, remaining in first place in the division.

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