Five part-time jobs that you can do online

By Christine Rochelle

Online jobs are popping up across the web as technology makes it easier and easier for workers to conduct business off-site.

Getting a part-time online job wasn't always easy. With so many scams claiming to make you thousands of dollars in just a week or require participants to start off by making an investment into the scam, many workers are understandably hesitant to find a job online.

Luckily for job seekers, employers are opening up more and more part-time positions online so that they have access to a more diverse applicant pool and they can save on overhead costs by hiring people to work off-site. If you're looking for part-time online job, see if one of these positions suits you:

1. Social Media Expert

From car dealers to local boutiques, nearly every business is looking for a social media expert to Facebook, Twitter and blog about their business. If you want to be proactive, brush up on your social media knowledge and confront local businesses about hiring you. With more and more businesses pulling away from traditional advertising and unsure how to use social media sites to their advantage, you can easily sell yourself as a new hire, as long as you stay on top of your game.

Who's Hiring: Social Media Experts

2. Editor

Many professionals or even job seekers are constantly looking for another set of eyes to edit their new business proposal, cover letter, or transcript. Editing jobs pop up all over job boards and can turn into a steady part-time job if you continue to network.

Who's Hiring: Editors

3. Bookkeeper

With easy-to-use bookkeeping software available, more and more businesses are able to hire part-time bookkeepers who work from home. If you're organized and comfortable with numbers, bookkeeping for a local business can turn into a great part-time job for someone on the prowl for a flexible work schedule.

Who's Hiring: Bookkeepers

4. Data Entry

Rough financial times means that administrative assistant positions are often cut, even though there is work that still needs to be done, such as data entry. Working part-time doing data entry for a company means you'll always have a steady stream of work coming your way, and it's a great foot in the door.

Who's Hiring: Data Entry Workers

5. Call Center Jobs

Companies hire part-time workers to run their call centers from home. Running a virtual call center from your home could mean anything from telemarketing to customer service hotlines. Although little experience is required, some companies do look for employees who are bilingual.

Who's Hiring: Call Center Workers

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