Melissa McCarthy hurt herself in the most ridiculous way

Melissa McCarthy Hurt Herself in the Most Ridiculous Way
Melissa McCarthy Hurt Herself in the Most Ridiculous Way

Melissa McCarthy had to do a lot of her own stunts for her newest movie, "Spy."

And, as a result, she got hurt quite a bit during filming. Bumps, bruises, pulled muscles — you name it, Melissa probably injured it.

But she told Seth Meyers Tuesday she took her biggest tumble when she was heading to the spa to get a massage after filming for the day. Wait, what?!

"And I wiped out so hard, my feet were above my head, and I had enough time to be like, 'Oh my god, I'm falling!' Like, I got incredible height. I threw my back out for two days trying to get to a massage," said Melissa McCarthy on "Late Night."

Poor Melissa! The actress said she had to walk by a marble swimming pool to get to the spa, and it was so slippery, she ate it right then and there.

"The trick is just to relax your legs. I read it on WikiHow," she cracked.

And to make matters worse? Her director, Paul Feig, was there to witness the whole thing. Talk about embarrassing.

Thankfully, Melissa was able to shake the injury off in a few days and keep filming. But she told E! she wasn't sure she'd be able to go on at first.

"We spent the whole week trying to get me walking again. It was intense and it was kind of at the beginning of the movie. It was a little dicey."

Well, we're glad the actress is such a tough cookie! And we can't wait to see her other, more successful, stunts when "Spy" hits theaters June 5.