Gio Gonzalez makes a great defensive play on Kris Bryant

Gonzalez Takes No-Hitter Into 6th, Rangers Shutout Red Sox 8-0

Washington Nationals pitcher Gio Gonzalez made a great defensive play to get Kris Bryant out at first base which could have seriously injured both players.

When you hear "great defensive play", do you think of an outfielder hitting a wall, caring not for his own well-being but only of getting his team an out? Gonzalez is here to adjust your thinking as he throws all caution to the wind rolling into first base desperately trying to record an out.

Bryant's hit is fielded by Nationals first baseman Ryan Zimmerman who tosses the ball over to Gonzalez, who is scampering over to cover the vacated bag. The toss is behind Gio causing him to drop to the ground. Instinct and momentum then rolled Gonzalez toward first base.

At the 47 second mark, I see his leg block first base forcing Bryant past the bag. As Gonzalez finishes his roll, he touches first base. At this point Bryant has already passed the base without touching it because, in my opinion, he was interfered with. Chicago Cubs manager Joe Maddon never left the dugout despite his prize rookie and his first base coach chatting to the umpire about the call.

Admire the desire by Gonzalez, but that play was downright dangerous. If Bryant steps on his ankle, both could have been seriously hurt. At least when an outfielder dives into a wall, he only hurts himself.

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