DNA proves Chili's waiter spit in customer's drink

DNA Proves Chili's Waiter Spit in Customer's Drink

Some of us have suspected a surly waiter spit in our food, now a New York State couple used DNA evidence to prove it. A Syracuse-area couple was not going to stop until they brought a rude waiter to justice. The couple says their waiter, then 24-year-old Gregory Lamica, was visibly annoyed and frustrated one busy night in the restaurant, but it seems the last straw was when they asked for drink refills to go.

When they went to put the cups in their car's cupholders, the couple says, one of the lids popped off and revealed something gross. The couple told their local news paper in Syracuse: "It wasn't regular spit either. It was a loogie." What's worse is they said they brought the drink with the loogie back to the managers at Chili's and all he did was issue a refund. So they called the State Troopers to investigate and sure enough the test came back positive for his DNA in the customer's cup.

The couple plans to sue Lamica and the restaurant for psychological trauma.

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DNA proves Chili's waiter spit in customer's drink

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