Which grocery store is most expensive?

Even if you're devoted to a specific grocery store, you probably find yourself in different spots from time to time. Some fancy chains' receipts can really hurt, while other stores' low prices may make you want to do a jig in the checkout line.

BuzzFeed took a look at how prices vary from store to store, and the results may (or may not) surprise you. It's worth nothing that these numbers are based on California prices, which is why you may have never heard of SoCal chains Ralphs or Bristol Farms. In the event that store brands were unavailable, average-priced items were purchased.

Take a peek at the gallery below to see how much milk, apples, veggies, meat, eggs and bread currently cost at four different chains, or scroll down for more details:

grocery store chains most expensive
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Which grocery store is most expensive?

Milk: Ralphs came in as the cheapest chain at $1.79.

Eggs: Ralphs came in as the cheapest chain at $2.19

Bread: Tie! Trader Joe's and Ralphs were both $2.49

Apples: Bristol Farms came in as the cheapest chain at $0.74

Veggies: Ralphs came in as the cheapest chain at $0.51

Chicken: Ralph's was the cheapest chain yet again at $4.15

Overall, Whole Foods was the most expensive at $26.29. Trader Joe's came in as the second cheapest, with the basket of food costing $19.01. The big winner? Ralphs, where the food shop only cost $12.02.

If you bought these items once a week for a year, you'd shell out $625.04 at Ralphs (the cheapest option). At Whole Foods, that haul would be $1,367.08.

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