Weekend Warrior: Eliminate mosquitoes and other bugs for your next outdoor party

5 Ways to Eliminate Bugs Problems in Your Yard
Bugs can be a major buzzkill on your patio and in your backyard -- but Mr. Fix It shares ways to keep bugs from ruining your outdoor parties this summer.

For ants, try the Terro product line. Liquid Ant Baits attract ants into the pouch -- and the little critters bring back the killer "food" to their colony. Their dusting powder is also great for sweeping the perimeter of your home.

For mosquitos and other bugs, citronella candles are less effective than you might think. They only work in their direct vicinity, which is a much smaller area than you'd like. Consider sprays instead. Some sprays can have a pungent odor, but Cutter products only repel the insects. Two hours before going outside, "water" your lawn with the sprays and you'll be bug free. Mosquito beater, a granular product, is another great product that won't get the lawn wet. Finally, if you have standing water or fountains, mosquito dunks keep larvae from growing.

Watch the video above for more details.

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