These 10 photos from @NatGeo will blow your mind

National Geographic, the heaven for high-quality photography from all over the world, is also a major force on Instagram where its 6,830 images recently topped 1 billion likes from 20.9 million followers.

By handing over the keys to photographers who are out in the field, National Geographic has been able to give its Instagram followers immediate and intimate access to the marvels of our planet.

%shareLinks-quote="One of the keys to our success on Instagram has been the incredible collaboration between our photo team and some of the best photojournalists in the world." type="quote" author="Rajiv Mody" authordesc="NatGeo VP of social media"%

As Instagram director of community Amanda Kelso stated:

"The @natgeo account represents the best of Instagram, with images that instantly transport you to some of the most unique and remote places in the world. With its team of photographers, National Geographic has embraced the storytelling possibilities of Instagram and built an enormous following with a diverse, new generation of people who can explore the world through its imagery."

So let's explore!

Here are some of the craziest NatGeo images your eyeballs have ever seen

1 - These monkeys chilling in their natural Spa

2 - Forget about your indoor rock climbing gym

3 - Just WOW

4 - The hunter with possibly the longest whip you have ever seen

5 - ...NOPE

6 - YUP

7 - This family literally riding home

8 - And this other family of fluffs

9 - Your dream break from the summer heat

10 - This guy which you shouldn't distract for any reason

And these gorillas taking selfies in the bathroom:

Animals Take Selfies in National Geographic Ad Campaign
Animals Take Selfies in National Geographic Ad Campaign