Startup gives a full year's income to the poor, for free

Are Direct Cash Transfers to the Poor Improving Aid at All?

Startup GiveDirectly is providing extremely poor families across Kenya and Uganda $1,000, no strings attached.

The company has already distributed over $15 million to various communities in the area, with the goal to find a better way to deliver money from donor to the recipient in a region where corruption and fraudulent transactions are major issues. These areas were targeted specifically for the high presence of mobile banking, through which people are able to transfer any amount of money through a basic SMS from their cellphone.

GiveDirectly is aware that giving out these amounts of money does not necessarily translate into an increase in stable income over the years, but it is definitely an important first step to provide families in need with the foundation for investing in their future.

This week, we spoke with recipient Everline. She said, "I plastered my house, I bought food, bought furniture too." The...

Posted by GiveDirectly on Wednesday, April 22, 2015

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