It took 56 years, but Barbie finally gets to wear flats

Major Changes Coming To Barbie
Major Changes Coming To Barbie

After more than five decades, Barbie can ditch her high heels in favor of flats.

In an attempt to modernize the 56-year-old doll, Mattel has redesigned Barbie to have flexible ankles so she can wear either her iconic heels or contemporary flats -- and that's not the only change. Barbie is now be available in eight different skin tones, 14 different "facial sculpts," 18 eye colors, 22 hairstyles, and 23 hair colors.

This is far from the first change we've seen in Barbie's appearance. In fact, she has always been evolving. In 1965, six years after she made her debut, Barbie was given swivel hips in an attempt to emphasis realism -- which was perfect for the go-go generation.

Three years later, in the wake of the Civil Rights Movement, Mattel released Christie, Barbie's black friend. By 1980, Mattel released Barbie in different ethnicities.

Check out other celebs rockin' their flats:

This latest Barbie isn't the first time we've seen a dramatic change to the doll's hair either. In 1992, Mattel released Totally Hair Barbie, which turned out to be the toy-maker's best selling Barbie of all time.

Looks like whenever Barbie modernizes, she also monetizes.

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