#WayBackWednesday: When Michelle Obama 'Turnip-ed for what?'

Michelle Obama: Turnip For What?
Michelle Obama: Turnip For What?

For today's #WayBackWednesday we have a special treat. Remember that time Michelle Obama danced with a turnip to Lil Jon's hit single, 'Turn Down For What'? Yeah, that happened.


This all started back during an #AskTheFirstLady segment when a Barack Obama impersonator, Imman Crosson (@AlphaCat), asked Michelle how many calories you can burn every time you turn u via Twitter.

This is what inspired Michelle to take to the official White House vine account, and thus Michelle dancing with a turnip was born!

Michelle is very well known for her commitment to better educate American society on how to lead a healthy lifestyle. What lesson can we take from this? In life, no question is a stupid question, because this one in particular lead us to seeing Michelle dance around with a turnip. Now you can sleep better at night knowing our tax dollars are going to Michelle editing videos dancing with vegetables. What a relief!

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