Watch this 91-year-old grandpa finish his bucket list

Watch This 91-Year-Old Grandpa Finish His Bucket List
Watch This 91-Year-Old Grandpa Finish His Bucket List

Inside Edition -- A car slammed through a garage door and it was not an accident!

It's a bucket list wish come true and you won't believe who was behind the wheel.

Ninety-year-old Walter Thomas has always wanted to smash his car through a garage door.

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It was the only thing on his bucket list, make that the "back-it" list, as he prepared to back an SUV right through the door of a relative's garage that was destined to be torn down anyway.

During the big event, Walter was in the driver's seat and has his grandson next to him in the passenger seat.

Walter asked, "How far am I from the door?"

His grandson said, "You're about five, six feet from the door, all right? Keep your head all the way back, okay?"

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Walter hit the gas, and smashed the door to smithereens! He had such a happy smile on his face.

"It was too easy," he said after the crash.

Actually, the task was made easier by a few key cuts to weaken the garage door.