These musical Vine enthusiasts are singing and strumming their way to our hearts


First there was Justin Bieber, then came Jack & Jack. Social media has become the perfect outlet for musical potentials to showcase their talents. Forget about Youtube, today's musical proteges are all about Vine. In only six seconds, people are singing and strumming their way into our hearts.

Check out the Vines below for some examples! Tell us which one is your favorite in the comments! And don't be afraid to bust a move if you feel so inclined...we won't judge.

Ruth B has a voice like velvet and her eyeliner game is on point.

Anna Clendening shows us that practice makes perfect...or is it that arm gestures make perfect?

"Whoa Voices" is so the new Sia (mysterious and fabulous).

YASSS This Vine combines music and furry friends! Get this...the dog plays the drums! Talk about cray.

He's like John Mayer without the womanizing reputation. So dreamy. We love you too, "Gifted Voices."

"Us the Duo"....we sincerely hope we never "lose you."