The Mexican ingredient that gives Salma Hayek her flawless skin

Salma Hayek Reveals Major Skincare Secrets!
Salma Hayek Reveals Major Skincare Secrets!

Salma Hayek is among the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood.

At age 48, her skin seems to defy the laws of physics. We'd kill to look like her at any age.

So what is it that keeps her looking ageless?

In an interview with Elle magazine last month, Hayek revealed that she doesn't use Botox, pills, or fillers.

Surprisingly, her secret weapon comes from an all-natural source - a Mexican ingredient called Tepezcohuite.

"I use an ingredient called Tepezcohuite that's used in Mexico for burn victims because it completely regenerates the skin, and there's no one in the States who is using this ingredient except for us," she said.

Hayek claims that her grandmother passed away at age 96 with no wrinkles, and that her mother's skin is equally flawless.

Also known as "mimosa tenuiflora," tepezcohuite is a bark tree found in Southern Mexico that resembles a fern. The tree does well at regenerating itself in the aftermath of forest fires, and natives of Mexico refer to it as the "skin tree." It was administered by the Mayan culture thousands of years ago to treat skin lesions such as burns, by grinding the bark up into a powder.

In 1984, after a horrific gas explosion in Mexico City killed 500 and left more than 5000 with severe burns, the Red Cross treated the burn patients with tepezcohuite. It was so effective at healing their wounds and regenerating the skin that a year later, when an earthquake caused a series of explosions and fires, tepezcohuite was again used to treat the victims.

Given its ability to treat burns, it stimulates the regeneration of fresh, new, youthful-looking skin.

We can't wait to try tepezcohuite in hopes of looking half as good as she does.

You can find the ingredient in some of Hayek's Nuance skincare products sold at CVS.

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