Rob Gronkowski is going to appear on Family Feud

Rob Gronkowski is the unofficial party boy of the NFL. The Patriots tight end always seems to be ready to throw down, whether that's at his birthday party in Las Vegas or in the end zone when he's trying to bury the pigskin with his signature Gronk spike.

Apparently he's taking the party to Family Feud this weekend.

Adam Schefter sent out the news on Tuesday night that the Gronkowski family will be on the game show this week:

Though Schefter was initially unclear on when the show would be airing, the Toucher and Rich radio show cleared things up with a reply to Schefter:

If you haven't already gone away from your computer to set your DVR for this amazing moment in television history, go ahead and do so.

Gronk is one of the most entertaining people in sports right now and he's not exactly one to worry about rocking the boat a little a bit. Putting him in the Family Feud format, especially with his brothers who mostly share his personality and mentality, is going to make for can't-miss television. If it's not the most entertaining episode in the game show's history, I'll be shocked.

H/T to Reddit

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