Rescued pig blends in perfectly with her new family

Meet Bikini: a rescued potbelly pig who lives in Denver and seems to have no problem blending in with her new family! The rescued pig lives with her eight dog siblings and her one (human) dad, Steve, and his Instagram shows us that Bikini clearly has no inhibitions when it comes to fitting in. Check out the adorable pig and her sweet family below:

Pig thinks it's a dog
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Rescued pig blends in perfectly with her new family
You're looking at a collective age of 99 years among all these guys. They are all healthy, happy and full of life. I try very hard not to take that for granted. Bikini 4 yrs, Enoch 5 yrs, Eeyore 13 yrs, Loretta 12 yrs, Englebert 8 yrs, Edna 12 yrs, Hercules 17 yrs, Madeline 17 yrs, and Phyllis 11 yrs. #99yearsandapupain't1
There is always at least one pair of eyes looking up at me when i enter almost any room in the house. I've even opened up my closet to find a dog in there before. Nothing surprises me in this house. #whywerescue
I can't help but smile to myself when people innocently ask me why I'm not married. I should just show them this picture. (To be fair though this picture is slightly exaggerated. I'm dog sitting for a couple weeks and two of the dogs here arent actually mine). #cuz10dogsandapigwouldbecrazy
A spring storm gave Bikini and Ignatius one more chance to lay together by the fire. This picture is very poignant for me because Ignatius hasn't been doing well recently. He's almost refusing to eat. Although generally he is very peaceful i can see that his light is starting to dim. I must have sat by the fire watching them last night for over an hour, just trying to be in the moment. #neverready
Waiting for breakfast. Bikini, Enoch, Englebert, Edna, Phyllis, Loretta, and Eeyore. #ihaventhadcoffeeyet
If i was 20 years younger i might pull out the sleeping bag and spend the night here with them in front of the fire. Ignatius, Loretta, Edna, Bikini, Madeline, Englebert, Eeyore, Phyllis, Enoch #saturdaynightsnowstorm
I've been accused of spoiling this pig. ... Bikini is starting to feel better. She's still on pain killers and I'm almost certain she's cussing at me in pig language, but she's definitely feeling better. #bikinirecovery
Edna looks like the bow on this present of old pups and a pig. #adoptdontshop
Waiting for breakfast #somanymouthstofeed
Bikini stares at the oven a lot. I don't cook. I think she wants me to start. #wishfulthinking #bikinithepig
Put a pitchfork in Enoch's paw and you have an American Gothic portrait. Enoch and Bikini
As you can probably tell, Bikini wasn't fully cooperating with the family reunion photo. She's got a little attitude about my vacation that only seems to subside during snack time. So I had to bring everyone to her bed for this photo and she refused to even look at the camera. #bikiniattitude

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