Kris Jenner says she 'didn't know' about Caitlyn Jenner: 'Why would you not explain this all to me?'

Kris Jenner Says She Didn't Know Bruce Wanted to Transition

On Monday, Caitlyn Jenner introduced herself to the world on the cover of the July issue of Vanity Fair. While Caitlyn's debut received a lot of support and praise, it seems like Caitlyn's ex-wife, Kris Jenner, still has some confusion about Caitlyn's transition, and even their marriage.

In the same interview that introduced Caitlyn, Kris revealed her thoughts and feelings about the high-profile situation, and said their separation was "the most passive-aggressive thing" she's ever experienced.

In the interview, the Kardashian matriarch claims that she was kept mostly in the dark about her ex's desire to transition.

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"Why would you want to be married and have kids if this is what you wanted since you were a little boy?" Kris asked, rhetorically. "Why would you not explain this all to me?"

However, Kris did admit that she was aware of her ex's history of taking hormones in the '80s. Reportedly, the former Olympian had been considering transitioning but stopped any treatment before meeting Kris.

Caitlyn Jenner is introduced to the world
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Kris Jenner says she 'didn't know' about Caitlyn Jenner: 'Why would you not explain this all to me?'
In this June 1, 2015 photo, a journalist looks at Vanity Fair's Twitter site with the Tweet about Caitlyn Jenner, who will be featured on the July cover of the magazine. Caitlyn Jenner, the transgender Olympic champion formerly known as Bruce, on Monday unveiled her new name and look in a sexy Vanity Fair cover shoot -- drawing widespread praise, including from the White House. Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender campaigners -- and many well-wishers -- welcomed the high-profile debut, as did the 65-year-old Jenner's family, which includes the media-savvy celebrity Kardashian clan. 'I'm so happy after such a long struggle to be living my true self,' Jenner wrote in her first tweet after the magazine released the July cover photo by renowned photographer Annie Leibovitz. (Photo credit Mladen Antonov, AFP/Getty Images)
Great day yesterday for Father's Day. We had so much fun off-roading. So much love and support! Love my family!
The best thing about being a woman is the prerogative to have a little fun #Caitlyn #ServingCindyMcCainRealness #TransRepubsAreTheBestRepubs (dying for that old school glamour waist to breast ratio)
A photo editor views the July cover of Vanity Fair featuring Caitlyn Jenner on June 1, 2015 in Westwood, California. Formerly known as Bruce Jenner, Caitlyn Jenner is an Olympic atlete who came out publicly as transgender in a televised interview with Diane Sawyer. (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)
Caitlyn Jenner poses for Annie Leibovitz on the cover of Vanity Fair #CallMeCaitlyn
SO gorgeous!!!! RT #BruceJenner's first photo as a woman revealed! Meet #CaitlynJenner HERE! #CallMeCaitlyn
Finally free. This made me stop. The feeling of freedom. You go @Caitlyn_Jenner!
#CallMeCaitlyn: Caitlyn Jenner was photographed by Annie Leibovitz for @VanityFair cover
BEAUTIFUL!!! #callmecaitlyn
CAITLYN!!!!!!!!!! Love this. So happy for her.
Caitlyn? But why isn't it Kaitlyn with a K? (Bravo, Ms. Jenner!)
Congratulations Caitlyn
❤️RT @VanityFair: I’m not doing this to be interesting. I’m doing this to live #CallMeCaitlyn
#CaitlynJenner has truly broken the Internet. What a moment.
❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥 YAS 🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️
Caitlyn Jenner for Vanity Fair 📷 Annie Leibovitz! How beautiful! Be happy, be proud, live life YOUR way!
now that's a cover.

"When I met Bruce, he told me that he had done hormones back in the early '80s," Kris recalled. "This was a conversation that took place in the early '90s. So, what he was telling me happened a decade earlier, and he never really explained it."

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According to Caitlyn, however, Kris was fully aware of her desire to transition but brushed it off. Caitlyn argues that Kris saw her wearing women's clothes years ago, while she was still living as Bruce, and that the former couple established a rule that Caitlyn would only dress as a woman when away from the family home, or traveling alone. However, Kris denied this claim in the interview.

Kris admits, however, that she knew her ex was miserable during much of their time together, saying that Caitlyn was often "miserable" and "pissed off." "He was married to me, and he wasn't who he wanted to be so he was miserable," Kris said.

She also opened up about her ex's social anxiety, which often led to conflict, revealing, "We fought a lot because we would go out together and before we got to the end of the block we were in a fight because he started saying, 'When can we go home?'"

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For Caitlyn, the relationship came to an end because of the way she was treated.

"I think in a lot of ways she became less tolerant of me. Then I'd get upset, and the whole relationship kind of fizzled," Caitlyn recounted, adding that the reason behind their split was "20 gender and 80 percent was the way I was treated."

For more on Caitlyn's celebrated Vanity Fair debut, check out the video below.

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