June 23: Vines of the Day


Vines prove just how easy it is to induce laughter. Within the span of six seconds or less, these short videos do their best to get you to LOL. Here are some of the best Vines of the day -- enjoy!

This little kitten might be the cutest thing you've ever seen:

Little girl is super upset about finding out she's not a mermaid, and we completely feel her:

This otter kiss might be the cutest thing ever

He felt the beat and he rolled with it!

If you thought YOU hated tickling, this kid had you beat:

This little boy is basically our spirit animal:

If you've ever gotten super emotional after hearing song, this little boy feels you all the way:

Adorable little girl completely jams out to what looks like her favorite song:

This guy's spook prank did not turn out like he expected:

Okay, this kid is officially our Man Crush Monday EVERY Monday going forward:

Little boy clearly thinks his dad is the funniest person on earth:

The ultimate "friendship goals!"

This guy has literally no care in the world when it comes to picking his nose:

We're not sure if we have what it takes to be like these daredevils:

Chris Pratt maybe the star of 'Jurassic World' but he's just as afraid of dinos as the rest of us:

Watch this kitty jam out to the drums:

Hilarious pup could not be more excited for a pack of gum:

Coolest teacher ever raps Dr. Seuss:

Stephen Curry's daughter proves yet again exactly how adorable she is:

An A capella group that takes "girl power" to a whole new level:

This is what a dancing turtle who seriously adores water looks like:

We really hope this guy took revenge after this brilliant prank!

These grandparents love getting down to a good tune:

What really happens when school's out for summer:

A typical day in the neighborhood Down Under:

This cat is so not in the mood to run anymore:

In honor of the 10th anniversary of Mike Tyson's last fight:

Camouflaged dog surprises up all when the doorbell rings:

Turtle shakes his shell in the shower to Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off."

Adorable pup and owner do the ultimate "trust test:"

Athletic guy does the most epic football catch:

Little girl is speaking the truth in this hilarious video about love:

Sleeping pup is woken up in clearly the best way possible:

Little boy adorably struggles to eat a cookie with floaties on:

This group of friends is living out all our summer goals, pool style:

Daring guy does the most insane backflip over a plane on a dirt bike:

Adorable little girl is terrified of water being spilled on her:

Cute pooches won't let go of their ball:

Little boy goes up up and away -- literally!

Dancing mom and unsuspecting daughter have a hilarious mishap:

The reaction this monkey has when he sees his reflection is priceless!

People become actual human slingshots and it's both terrifying and awesome:

Daring guy tries to 'fly' and it doesn't work out in his favor:

Baby is extremely upset about being called fat:

Little girl has the most hilarious reaction to her friend's booger:

Adorable baby goes from extreme sadness to all out laughter in the blink of an eye:

Dinky the dog is dressed to impress and we're LOVING it:

This woman has a complete and total mishap with a giant fish!

This baby is hilariously disgusted with his meal:

Talk about a smart pooch! This dog is a pro at speaking AND whispering:

This hilarious parrot LOVES music, and it shows:

Graduation season is upon us! This vine will make sure you get all the feels!

These seniors showed no mercy at their high school senior prank:

This cat might have lost a life with this silly string attack!

Fiddler on the roof -- or should we say car-- gone horribly wrong:

This couple's Kiss Cam debut doesn't end with a big smooch:

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