Instagram adds a 'shop now' button

Pinterest Adds a New Feature
Pinterest Adds a New Feature

Fresh on the heels of last night's Media Award at the CFDAs, Instagram is taking a bold step into commerce. While ads on the platform have been around for two years, "Shop Now" buttons will now be appearing below promotional images for businesses both large and small. (No more scrolling up to hunt for a "link in bio.") Advertisers will also be able to target their wares based on data provided to the site. The investment firm RBC Capital Markets told the New York Times that the move could generate $1.3 billion to $2.1 billion for the company.

And in a bit of an in-app-shopping arms race, Pinterest is now adding a "buy" button to its functionality, as reported by TechCrunch today. As for its potential effect on consumers? Well, when you wake up after a social-media binge with a foot-long bill for decorative palm leaves and adorable flats, you'll know exactly where to lay the blame.