Food editor says she lost 16 lbs. eating like Beyonce

Food Editor Loses 16lbs On #BeyonceDiet
Food Editor Loses 16lbs On #BeyonceDiet

Amazing news, you can finally get Beyonce's body. Yep these curvaceously curving curves, that tight toned tummy and bootylicious bottom can be all yours. Just. Like. Queen Bey.Not so amazing news, to get it you can't eat meat, eggs, cheese, sugar, flour, gluten, soy products or drink milk, coffee or booze.

This is the food plan in 'The 22-Day Revolution', a cookbook penned by Bey and Jay's trainer.

Sure, Beyonce makes it look easy with photos like this from her #22dayveganchallenge but does it work for us peasants?

Jere Downs, a food writer at The Courier Journal, managed to drop 16 pounds on the 22 days challenge and it didn't sound that bad.

Downs says that her outlook on how she used to eat changed after completing the #beyoncediet and an added benefit is getting consistently good sleep.

So, Downs looks and feels great and obviously Beyonce does but we refuse to believe she doesn't miss this!