Firefighter EMT fights through tragedy to lose 150 pounds

Firefighter EMT Fights Through Tragedy to Lose 150 Pounds
Firefighter EMT Fights Through Tragedy to Lose 150 Pounds

On Tuesday night's episode of "Extreme Weight Loss," Chris Powell helped a firefighter fight through the tragic death of his father to lose weight and get his life back on track.

Meet Josh Hanes, a 29-year-old volunteer firefighter EMT from Nebraska who says he's always been a pretty happy person, despite weighing in at an exceedingly unhealthy 399 pounds.

But when he watch his beloved father die after a serious car accident, everything changed.

"I was no longer an EMT. I was a son watching my dad, and he bled out and coded right there," said Josh Hanes on "Extreme Weight Loss."

After the accident, Josh developed PTSD, suffering through flashbacks and anxiety as a result of the tragedy.

But he knew he had to keep it together for his family, so he never asked for help with any of his issues, including his PTSD and his weight.

So when Chris chose Josh to be on the show, his friends and family were ecstatic that he was putting himself first for the first time in his life.

Josh's "Extreme Weight Loss" journey wasn't easy at first.

"I don't know what more you want from me," said Josh.

"Everything. Everything," said Chris Powell.

"But I'm trying as hard as I BLEEPING can," said Josh.

In fact, he almost threw in the towel after just 13 days. But his family convinced him to keep trying, and thank goodness they did.

"Oh, my god! Yes! Yeah, buddy! You did it!" said Chris.

That's right, Josh weighed in at 247 pounds when his 365 days on the show were up — three pounds below his goal weight and 152 pounds less than he was when he first started working with Chris.

And since filming wrapped, Josh told KETV he's working hard to maintain everything he learned on the show.

"A year ago, I never thought I was worth anything, and now I sit here, and I'm worth whatever I put into myself. I'm worth training for a marathon. I'm worth helping people, and I want other people to feel that as well."

To help share that new positive mindset, Josh started "I Am Worth It," a non-profit organization that helps others live a healthy lifestyle.