Decoded: the feels

You're not going crazy if you feel like you're seeing the term "the feels" everywhere. When broken down, the phrase basically refers to the feelings you get when you see an adorable puppy photo and can't help but melt simultaneously.

When you're watching the most adorable Vine and you find yourself tingling, and laughing to yourself...those are "the feels."

This is often referred to as being "hit right in the feels" which directly alludes to the inexplicable wave of feelings when something is absolutely too cute to handle.

Here's how the phrase can be used in a sentence:
"These puppy photos are totally giving me the feels."
"I got the last slice of pizza, and it seriously gave me the feels."
"That proposal video hit me with the feels."

Experience the feels for yourself below:

Adorable Puppies Roll in Christmas Wrapping Paper
Adorable Puppies Roll in Christmas Wrapping Paper