Bullied boy grew hair for two years to donate it to children in need

Boy Bullied By Peers Grows Hair Out For 2 Years Just To Donate It

Until recently, Deeanna Thomas' 8-year-old son Christian had hair so long he was easily mistaken for a girl, and she couldn't be prouder.

The images she shared on Facebook have gone viral this week after she boasted about his generous decision to spend two years growing out his hair to donate the locks to kids who don't have any.

Late last month Christian finally chopped off that long hair, which he spent two years growing. Thomas says her son was bullied and teased for wearing his hair like a girl, but that he endured the negative attention because of his passion for helping those less fortunate.

Christian's efforts amounted to nearly a foot of locks that will be donated to Children With Hair Loss.

"Christian has such a huge heart," Thomas told Today.com. "I don't even know if there are words to describe how proud I am of him."

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