Brides can now walk their big day in Sarah Jessica Parker's shoes

Sarah Jessica Parker's New Wedding Shoe Collection
Sarah Jessica Parker's New Wedding Shoe Collection

Given her fame, charm, talent, and fashion-forward style, you probably wish you could walk a day in Sarah Jessica Parker's shoes. Well, if you're a bride-to-be, you can! Sarah Jessica Parker (SJP) is launching her very own wedding shoe line for the SJP Collection.

The collection includes everything a bride could possibly need. There are options in satin, lace and leather as well as white, ivory, and even blue - because every bride needs something blue. There are even wedges! One particular pair of embellished blue pumps called the "Maddalena" resembles the Manolo Blahniks Carrie Bradshaw wore to her wedding in the "Sex and the City" movie.

The versatile collection features the perfect shoes for an extravagant soiree at the New York Public Library as well as an intimate ceremony at City Hall. For all brides hoping to channel you're inner Carrie Bradshaw on the big day, this line is definitely for you.

You can currently shop the new collection at Nordstrom or Zappos. Keep an eye out at Bloomingdales for the collection to come in mid-June!

Click through this slideshow to see the buzz the new SJP collection is getting on social media:

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