Blind dancer inspires 'AGT' audience with emotional routine

Blind Dancer Inspires 'AGT' Audience With Emotional Routine
Blind Dancer Inspires 'AGT' Audience With Emotional Routine

A blind teen showed the "America's Got Talent" judges Tuesday night he doesn't need to see to dance his heart out.

14-year-old Benjamin Yonattan was adopted from Guatemala when he was just four years old. He spoke only Spanish, and it was hard for him to communicate with others when he was younger.

And when he started losing his sight about two years ago, things got even more challenging for Benjamin. He can barely see in front of him, and he uses Google Glass to help him make out shapes.

But he says dancing has helped him express his feelings in a way he couldn't, ever since he was diagnosed with retinal dystrophy.

Benjamin's inspiring story had both the judges and the audience on their feet even before his contemporary dance routine was over.

Howie Mandel even teased his routine before it aired on Twitter, gushing, "Last week @TheDrewLynch made you cry. Tonight, I predict @BenYonattan steals your heart."

And Howie was spot on. A writer for Hollywood Life said he was moved to tears by Benjamin's "emotional, stellar solo."

And called Benjamin's performance "truly inspiring."

Of course, the judges all gave Benjamin a resounding "yes," so he will dance during the next round of the competition. To see how he fares, you can catch "America's Got Talent" next week on NBC.