Apple's HomeKit products are now available

These Are the First Five Apple HomeKit-Enabled Devices
These Are the First Five Apple HomeKit-Enabled Devices

A week prior to the highly anticipated Apple WWDC Conference, Apple Stores are finally receiving products that are part of their HomeKit line. This is a specially designed line of products that are manufactured by third-parties such as iHome, Lutron, and Ecobee. This now means that you will be able to control your home with specially created products that are connected to your iPhone via apps, and even by talking to Siri.

The products that are available range from lights, sensors, thermostats, and much more. Apple has been carefully selecting companies that are highly respected and have a trusted reputation when it comes to home connected devices. There are a total of five companies that will be cranking out products that you will be able to control from any location all from your iPhone.

One company widely known for their iPod and iPhone compatible docks, iHome, is releasing a smart plug. This will allow consumers to use touch screen controls and Siri in order to control their lighting, fans, and other devices connected into the specially designed outlet.

Many of these companies are aiming to get their HomeKit products sent out to stores as soon as possible. While many of these products are targeting users with iPhones in order to control their homes, the recently released Apple Watch will integrated very soon as well.

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