Inspirational 9-year-old girl builds small homes to help eradicate homelessness


Hailey Ford, a 9-year-old from Bremerton, Washington, has made it clear that she is passionate about putting an end to homelessness. At a young age, Hailey has taken the initiative to eradicate homelessness by building individual shelters and distributing them to homeless people in her community.

"It just doesn't seem right that there are homeless people," Hailey told King 5 News. "I think everyone should have a place to live."

The roof started to go up today.

Posted by Hailey's Harvest on Monday, May 11, 2015

Hailey has recently received a grant that will go towards implementing a Tent City in Bremerton, a collection of 11 small homes that is set to open later this year. With help from her mother and grandfather, Hailey is currently working on building her first shelter, an 8 x 4 wooden structure.

Today, I put in the insulation on 2 of the walls. I will finish the insulation tomorrow.

Posted by Hailey's Harvest on Monday, April 20, 2015

According to KING 5 News, Hailey was first inspired to create this project after meeting Edward, a homeless man who has lost his job at a grocery store. Even though Hailey and her mother bought a sandwich for Edward, Hailey wanted to create a more long-term solution to end hunger in the homeless community. Thus, Hailey's Harvest was created. In 2014 alone, Hailey's Harvest helped the young girl donate 128 pounds of produce.

I planted tomatoes and bell peppers today. Behind the peppers, melons and beans will grow up the fence. My peas are starting to grow up the fence in the upper garden.

Posted by Hailey's Harvest on Monday, May 4, 2015

Hailey's mother admits that she thought the project would be short-lived, but Hailey has been donating veggies to the homeless every week for four years now.

The big-hearted 9-year-old has big goals for 2015. She hopes to grow 250 pounds of food and distribute 1,000 toiletries, 500 feminine hygiene products, 100 coats, and "as many sleeping shelters as she can find space for."

The first shelter that Hailey completes will go to the man who inspired it all, Edward.

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