Woman has emotional reunion with her missing dog

Woman's Emotional Reunion with Missing Dog
Woman's Emotional Reunion with Missing Dog

With her mother's dog, Abby, missing for several weeks, Stacey P. decided to use social media to help track her down. Incredibly, through Craigslist and Facebook, she was found. Stacey explains that her mother had the pooch for over a decade, and it "is her baby now that her children are all grown and gone." She adds, "Abby went outside as usual to go to the bathroom and ran off." Her mother, Joyce, had no idea that her pup had been found, so Stacey decided to surprise her mother.

Stacey says, "She was located about 1-2 miles from moms house and a Good Samaritan took excellent care of her and responded that she found her so we surprised mom with Abby and she broke down. She was convinced someone had taken her and that she wouldn't ever see her again." Her reaction was totally priceless!

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