#NostalgiaToMe takes the Twitter world by storm

First came #tbt (throwback Thursday). Next, #fbf (flashback Friday). Now, the new trending hashtag "#nostalgiatome" is taking the Twitter world by storm. It seems social media fiends can't get enough of the good ol' days.

Thanks to "#TheHashtagGame" host Adrienne Watson, #nostalgiatome is another way people are utilizing Twitter to reminisce about traditions, fads, and pop culture of the past. Here are some of our favorite #nostalgiatome tweets gracing the cyber world right now.

Doesn't this make you miss getting happy stickers instead of grades in school? What about listening to cassette tapes in the station wagon during a trip to the video store? Let us know your #NostalgiaToMe via Facebook or Twitter!

90's Nostalgia Must End
90's Nostalgia Must End

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