New Jersey fog bank looks like a tsunami wave about to crash ashore

Phenomenon That Looks Like a Fog Tsunami
Phenomenon That Looks Like a Fog Tsunami

By Chris Dolce, Weather Channel

With a quick glance of this image, you might think a huge tsunami wave was set to crash ashore. However, there was no need for residents and beachgoers along the New Jersey coast to seek higher ground Sunday.

It was harmless fog bank that lurked near the coast of the Borough of Sea Girt, New Jersey, not a massive wave, though the short vertical span of the fog bank over the calm waters near the shore make it appear like one.

According to the National Weather Service (NWS) in Mount Holly, New Jersey, the fog bank formed when warm air condensed over the cold ocean waters. Water temperatures are in the upper 50s and low 60s just off the New Jersey coast, according to buoys in the area.

The NWS provided a satellite image of the fog bank, which clearly shows it hugging the immediate coast of central and southern New Jersey on Sunday.

The fog bank was a spectacular sight from the ground. And except for boaters encountering restricted visibility, it was a harmless event for coastal residents.

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