Moroccans call J.Lo's concert too 'sexy,' a 'threat'

Moroccans Call J. Lo's Concert Too 'Sexy,' a 'Threat'
Moroccans Call J. Lo's Concert Too 'Sexy,' a 'Threat'

Jennifer Lopez performed in Morocco Friday and has been receiving criticism from Moroccans for being too "sexy."

Morocco World News reports that some Moroccans called the concert a "threat to the moral fabric of the Moroccan society." Some even want the minister of communications to resign for allowing the concert to air on public television.

Now, J.Lo's sexiness is definitely no secret, and she's known for making headlines because of her sex-appeal.

Although, back in 2012 she did tone down her show in Indonesia, which is also an Islamic country. Before the performance, one of the show's promotors told CNN, "She and all the dancers must wear clothes that don't show men's chests or women's cleavage."

J.Lo obliged and wore more modest clothing. Morocco World News reports she wasn't asked to make her show more appropriate in Morocco, though.

Performers have been asked to "tone it down" before. Miley Cyrus was asked to tone down her act for "The X Factor" in 2013. And Lady Gaga was forced to cancel a sold-out show in Indonesia because she wouldn't agree to change her performance in 2012.

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