Graduation dance goes viral with the help of Taylor Swift and Bruno Mars

Maya Rudolph Is the Best Graduation Speaker Ever!

Maya Rudolph gave arguably the best commencement speech this year, but that doesn't always happen.

Graduation ceremonies could be boring, let's face it. You have a boring commencement speaker (we have all been there), or even a class president with no enthusiasm during their speech; they can be down right exhausting. However, there are times when the ceremony is amazing.

Hawaii's Kahuku High and Intermediate School's class of 2015 didn't have a famous commencement speaker, but they did one better: they created an epic dance montage.

The nearly 10-minute performance is definitely worth the watch! "Uptown Funk" by Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars, The Jackson 5's "ABC" and Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off," were some of the songs that the students danced to. The video has been viewed 1 million times since it's initial upload on Friday leaving everyone with the same reaction, can we go to this high school?

Click through below to see some of this year's best commencement speakers!

2015 Commencement address speakers
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Graduation dance goes viral with the help of Taylor Swift and Bruno Mars
NBC's Craig Melvin is paying his alma mater Wofford University in Spartanburg, South Carolina this week. He graduated from there in 2001.
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On June 16 graduates at the University of Wisconsin will get well wishes from Katie Couric.
Denzel Washington visited Dillard University in New Orleans last week.
And Matthew McConaughey will speak to graduates at the University of Houston on May 15. He's earning $135,000 for his words and is expected to give the money to his jk livin Foundation.
Stephen Colbert will no doubt give students at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina a good laugh on May 18.
And Stephanie Courtney - you may know her as Flo from those Progressive Insurance commercials - she'll be at Binghamton University on May 17 where graduated from in 1992.

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