Documentarian Tom Roberts will be LIVE on AOL BUILD to talk about 'Every Last Child'

Tom Roberts LIVE on AOL BUILD
Tom Roberts LIVE on AOL BUILD

Tom Roberts has quite the resume.

With documentaries like "Alfred and Jakobine," "Frontline," and "Calvet," Roberts knows how to lure an audience in, and this time, it's no different.

Once on the brink of eradication, Polio has once again become a global threat with the power to kill not only those who catch it but those who try to prevent it. In "Every Last Child," documentarian Tom Roberts follows the battle to inoculate children in Pakistan and contain outbreaks in the face of Taliban violence.

The documentary sheds light on how parents and health care workers alike are caught in the middle of violence and politics trying to protect their children from Polio in Pakistan.

You won't want to miss Tom Roberts LIVE on AOL BUILD today, June 2, at 4 p.m. ET. Tune in LIVE on AOL BUILD as seen above, as well as's Periscope and don't miss "Every Last Child," when it premieres in New York City on June 3, and everywhere on June 12!