Conservative group's video of Hillary Clinton goes viral

Conservative Group's Video of Hillary Clinton Goes Viral
Conservative Group's Video of Hillary Clinton Goes Viral

"Why don't you go to the end of the line," said Hillary Clinton, a candidate vying for the Democratic presidential nomination.

It's just a few seconds long, but in that Vine recorded in New Hampshire, Hillary Clinton appears to be telling a woman asking for an autograph to "go to the end of the line."

Now, given the length, there is little context. And the source is worth considering, too: A conservative political action committee called America Rising, which has an entire archive dedicated to the Democratic front-runner.

While that particular clip is -- for the most part -- only making the rounds in conservative circles, it also coincides with a new poll from CNN/ORC that found 50 percent of those polled have an unfavorable view of the candidate.

There is also the ABC poll that found her scores for honesty and trustworthiness among voters are on the decline, dropping five points in the past two months and 12 points in the past year.

Still, there's no denying she's enjoying a very comfortable lead over her Democratic challengers. Real Clear Politics' average of polls gives her more than a 50-point lead.

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