Ariana Grande posts cat-eared fan photo

Ariana Grande Confirms Third Album Title
Ariana Grande Confirms Third Album Title

Ariana Grande is everywhere this week! The title of her third album "Moonlight" finally dropped to the delight of fans everywhere right before she rocked the British O2 arena to thousands of fans.

Ariana Grande took a break to hang with her biggest supporters right after wrapping up the show. She posted a cat-eared picture with the ladies to Instagram with the caption, "thru thick and thin. never forget how much i love y'all!"

Ariana also had a few famous fans stop by backstage. She posted a photo to Instagram with Neville Longbottom (Matthew Lewis) and Luna Lovegood (Evanna Lynch) after the show, captioned "neville, luna and sirius all in one photo. @msevylynchtold me i'm the sweetest Slytherin she's ever met. 💜💜 thank you @msevylynch@realmattdavelewis for coming to my show and making my night!!! i adore y'all."

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